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About Us

A1 Construction Management is a leading company in construction management for projects of all scales. The services we offer meet all our clients' construction needs, from beginning to the end. With a decade of working in the industry, we have built a great team of expertise who will be along your side you in every construction project. It is essential for us to get the idea of our clients into reality. This is done by a comprehensive review of what the customer is looking for. We ask important questions, the main step is understanding the customer's wishes. Ultimately we want to understand the image of the finished project they are hoping to build. We have the small company mentality in regards to our clients. They are always the first priority in every step.

Since 2001, A1 Construction management has been providing customers with high quality services. We have built sustainable framework with all our clients that we were able to expand in just a short amount of time. Starting with a $470 paint job, through reputation we were able to expand to a 30,000 sq ft commercial building.